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Houston Contemporary Art Gallery

My art is a poem
which I write with my brush...

The greatest reward for an artist is not that he is understood, but that people continue to stare and wonder .... Unanswered questions are the fuel of art.

Gopaal Seyn stands as an eminent American contemporary artist hailing from Indian origins, renowned for his artistic prowess showcased both within esteemed galleries and through captivating illustrations gracing book covers and magazines. In the year 2018, Seyn was accorded a distinguished honor—an invitation to partake in a Trade Mission to India, a venture spearheaded by the esteemed Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston. During this exceptional journey, he skillfully wielded his brushes before live audiences, crafting mesmerizing strokes that seemed to materialize from the ether. His creations, the epitome of artistic finesse, were showcased in revered art galleries strewn across the Indian landscape.

In the subsequent year of 2019, Seyn's virtuosity found expression in a poignant portrait capturing the essence of George HW Bush. This masterpiece garnered not only artistic acclaim but also the heartfelt acceptance of Neil Bush, an embodiment of the Bush legacy. Likewise, a compelling portrait immortalizing Bob McNair, the luminary owner of the Texans, graced Seyn's portfolio. Its rightful place was secured within the hallowed confines of the McNair Foundation's lobby, a testament to its profound impact. Seyn's artistic endeavors were not confined to luminaries alone; his deft hand and insightful vision paid homage to the revered Mahatma Gandhi. This evocative portrayal found its forever abode within the sanctum of the Indian Consulate in Houston, a perennial symbol of shared values. A pivotal juncture arose in Seyn's journey when he presented his magnum opus—a portrait of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi—to the discerning Howdy Modi Committee Chair, Jugal Malani. This significant gesture unfolded during the Partnership’s Q4 International Trade Development Committee meeting, an occasion marked by the historic presence of Prime Minister Modi in Houston. The portrait stood as a reverent token of appreciation, a confluence of artistic brilliance and diplomatic amity.


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Contemporary Indian Art Houston | Mixed Media on Canvas | Gopaal Seyn


Title : Unconditional Love
Medium : Mixed Media on Canvas
Description : The mother is omnipresent to her child. Her affection is a true testimony to unconditional love.

Price On Request
Contemporary Indian Art Houston | Charcoal Sketch | Gopaal Seyn


Title : The Musician
Medium : Charcoal on Paper
Description : Harmonious rhythm of music mesmerizing the universe

Contemporary Indian Art Houston | Mixed Media on Canvas | Gopaal Seyn


Title : Family
Medium : Mixed Media on Canvas
Description : The left eye represent her inner self, as her soul longs for love and unity. The artwork represents the love and unity within a family.




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