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During this pandemic, Master Seyn had been given online classes and it was a successful move. My daughter just loves it and she never misses any class. Master Seyn is a dedicated teacher with care, loving and artistic. Please sign up your kids. Highly recommended.

Yen Nguyen

My daughter is Mr.Neil’s student for more than 2 years now. She has learned a lot from Mr.Neil. Her transition from simple Pencil color to Canvas painting and then Pastel color has been wonderful. This year she got a few good opportunities to use her art skill at school and was very proud to be able to do the art that otherwise would be not an easy thing for her to do had it not been Mr.Neils classes. He is a wonderful teacher with lots of patience. Even during pandemic we love attending the classes online. Mr.Neil- you are the Best and Thank You for helping my daughter build her confidence.


My 7 year daughter is learning art from Mr. Neil from 1.5 years. He is very passionate teacher. He knows very well how to take the kids on the path of learning. My daughter is already painting with water colors. Initially I wasn't sure how will virtual Art class work but he made it happen. He knows how to keep the kids engaged all through. I would love my daughter to continue this journey of art for many years to come. I will highly recommend Mr. Neil to shape the little minds.

Kavita Somani

Gopaal Seyn is possibly the best art teacher we could find for our 1st grader son, Arnav. Mr. Seyn is very detail oriented, while simultaneously helping Arnav keep his interest alive by making his art sessions as fun-filled as possible. We were not sure how Mr. Seyn would handle the covid-19 situation with transition to the online classes. However, that transition was very smooth and Arnav is as happy as the face-to-face sessions. We highly recommend Mr. Seyn for his art lessons and his ability to keep everybody engaged in his classes.

Kishor Saitwal

Neil is a great art teacher! Whether or not it’s in the classroom or online due to Covid! We transitioned very quickly in an organized manner to online classes to continue to engage our son in art during this unusual time. It’s his creative outlet and we wanted to continue to with his forward process and keep life as normal as possible.

In terms of being organized, Neil has been nothing short of exceptional! He is very organized and communicates extremely well so that as a parent I always know what’s going on! I would recommend his classes to anyone in the Houston area or online if you can’t be here to join him!

Meredith De Olavarria

Mr. Sen is an amazing and talented artist. We like his style of paintings. His paintings are contemporary and are very creative and unique. He is also a great art teacher. My daughter is learning art from him for last 7 years and I saw a great progress in her paintings. We always felt his passion for art in his paintings and the way he teaches kids.

Swati Kale

In addition to holding immense talent and ability in the education of art, Mr. Seyn has an immeasurable ability to connect with his young students. Not only is he kind hearted and fun, but he institutes the the exact amount of motivation to get the most out of his students. I wouldn't just recommend his classes for art, but I would highly recommend these classes to unlock your child's self confidence.

Tab Agha

I highly recommend Mr Neil Gopaal Seyn. He’s tutored our daughter through art classes and (because of that) we’ve seen her flourish tremendously as an artist. His techniques & passion for art reflect in all of his work, and we couldn’t think of anyone else when it comes to art classes!

Sunflower Bunni

Our 7-year old daughter has been attending Mr. Sen’s online art class. She looks forward to the weekly sessions and has shown great progress so far. He is an excellent teacher and engages kids very well in virtual setting.

sankar navaneethan

Mr. Sen is an awesome teacher who understands what everyone of his students wants. That is really helping us to understand the capabilities of my child and is really helping her to make great strides towards being a good artist.

Krishnan KG

My daughter has been learning art from Mr. Neil Sen for almost a year now. I can see how he has helped her grow her art skills, independence and confidence. He has also made the transition to virtual learning a breeze. I am thankful to my friends who recommended Mr. Neil Sen. I strongly recommend him for anyone who wants to learn art.

Ganesh Ravindran

My kids 8 and 12 have really enjoyed Mr. Sen's art class for the past few months. They started taking them online and at first we weren't sure how effective online art class would be, but the way Mr. Sen runs the class is super effective and each child gets individual attention. The kiddos really enjoy learning from him.

Pallavi Karnani

My daughter has been a student of Mr. Neil for the last two months. The progress and the skill that my daughter has learnt in this short span is incredible. Mr. Neil is an exceptionally phenomenal teacher. He keeps his students motivated and always have them strive for nothing less than perfection. I am super excited to see how my daughters art progresses under M Neils supervision.

Jharna Madan

Mr. Neil is a phenomenal artist and teacher. My child has improved so much since she joined the class. Her progress is amazing and Mr. Neil is a huge part of that. She looks forward to art class every week and has so much fun. He’s truly an excellent teacher.


My teacher is the greatest i have come across. He is always engrossed in teaching children with all his passion. He listens to all our thoughts and has proven his skill by representing it in his students. His online classes feel like they are in real life. He explains with clarity and is always taking us into consideration.

Anubhav Dasgupta

Mr.Neil you are an amazing teacher. Mahika is really enjoying these online classes. Thank you so much for coming up with this idea. Our friends still wonder how can one do art classes on zoom.

Mother of Mahika Dadhia

Shanaya enjoyed the last class very much and she told that she didn't feel it was already 1.5 hours gone. She felt like just few minutes and it was over. Honestly, I have never seen her doing any other activity with that much focus as I saw in last class. Thanks for convincing her to continue this journey

Mother of Shanaya Sharda

Dear Mr. Neil,
Thank you for helping us through this difficult times to engage our kids learning. Highly appreciate.

Stay safe and take care.

Warm Regards,

Saji Nair (mother of Saket Nair)

Wow! That’s phenomenal u really deserve one😊

We see it in aaliya she totally loves it and the progress has been tremendous

Indu mother of Aaliya

Thanks for your guidance and teaching her the art of doing art !

Mother of Kiara Golecha

“During these uncertain times, my daughters have found so much peace and contentment in creating their art from home with Mr. Neil guiding them. We truly appreciate his dedication to nurturing their artistic souls!”

Erica Desai: Mother of Shefali and Maya

Dear Neil da,

Quick note to say thank you!!
I think the kids had a very good session today - don’t know how you manage to keep them focused for 90 min; specially Shom!!
Anamika had a great time too!
Thank you so much - have a great rest of the day and week ahead.

Saikat Bose

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