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Indian-American Artist in Houston | Contemporary Artist Houston

Indian-American Artist in Houston | Contemporary Artist Houston

Gopaal Seyn, of art gallery, is a renowned International contemporary artist of Indian Origin.

In 2018, Seyn was invited to join a Trade Mission to India, led by Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston, where he painted for a live audience and his artwork was showcased in famous art galleries in India. In 2019 he has created a portrait of George HW Bush which was accepted by Neil Bush on President’s Day. He has also created a portrait of Bob McNair, owner of Texans, which has been accepted by the McNair Foundation to be displayed in their lobby. His portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, created in 2019, is a permanent fixture at the Indian Consulate in Houston. Seyn presented his portrait of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Howdy Modi Committee Chair Jugal Malani at the Partnership’s Q4 International Trade Development Committee meeting to mark the historic visit of Prime Minister Modi to Houston. The event was the largest gathering of the Indian diaspora outside of India in history with some 55,000 attending. Seyn was launched by Emami Chisel Art as the first International Artist for a two month long solo Art show in Kolkata, India. (2016) He was the Artist of the Month (Nov) at the Artist’s Alliance of Sugarland and was recognized and awarded for his works at the Sugarland Area Artist 2010 Convention. He was also selected to exhibit his work at the San Marcos Walker Art Gallery and Zen Gallery in Galleria, Houston. In 2007 Seyn was recognized and awarded for his contribution to Indian Art by Sanaskriti Art Association.

Seyn paints with a flurry of colors and goes into meticulous detail using a broad range of styles and medium depicting human beauty, especially the female form in an explicit and large spectrum of emotions. He loves to portray these emotions using abstract as his mode of portraying real-life issues. His exquisite works sometimes create a disquieting clarity from his well-expressed subjects aided with familiar objects which gives his work a sense of scale, meaning and proportion.

In his endeavor to bring out hidden feelings and sentiments, he uses colors which are warm and explicit but somber and subtle. He believes in bringing clarity of expression with a soft mystifying form that elicits beauty and positive passion rather than negative deformity and ambiguity. He believes that through his simple realistic approach, his audience should be able to understand and appreciate the hidden complexities of his subjects, giving them an ability to comprehend, respond and feel thoroughly comfortable looking at them.

Seyn has portrayed the spiritual power of women in many of his latest work as the central theme dwelling on contrasting emotions of sadness and self-esteem, illuminating conviction, resilience and spiritual strength. His art shows hope and liberation in women in mind and spirit even though immersed in traditions. He has done numerous exhibitions all around the country and abroad since Jan 2012 to showcase his paintings to art enthusiasts from all walks of life. Numerous commissioned works for clients around the country keep him busy.

The Red Blue Arts Gallery in Houston features contemporary paintings by Seyn that are highly collectible and great investments for art lovers around the world. Seyn, a renowned contemporary artist, also conducts art classes for adults and children in the Houston area. He is widely known in the community for his inspirational teaching and his passion for art. He is a natural teacher and is currently teaching online art classes for children, which will work as a guide for them to learn art easily.

Gopaal Seyn can be contacted directly at 832-816-3383 or to schedule a studio visit, commission artwork, enroll in art classes, or to plan an exclusive Paint and Wine event in Houston. Please visit for more information.


In The Words Of Gopaal Seyn

My Passion:

I feel creativity is a process and certainly not a product. My artwork is more than what I do or make. It is the entirety of the effort, error and experimentation that goes into each step of the process. In a sense, it is what we do not see. So, when I am painting with abandon and loving every bit of it, I remember: this is the reward.

Most of my paintings are themed around love, relationship, motherhood, nurturing and the emancipation of women. The ‘woman’ waiting to break free of her shackles – the feminine despite her boundless power, feeling tied down and waiting to liberate herself.

I consider myself an avant-garde artist. I paint my own reality instead of my dreams…it is much easier as the passion flows unobstructed. My artwork represents objects and emotions which are broken up and reassembled in abstract forms, with particular emphasis on the subconscious mind or the doubtful inner self which is present in all human beings, depicting the object or subject from a multitude of viewpoints. 

My artwork evokes feelings of happiness, love and positivity. I use colors which are bold and bright, definitely inspired by the Fauvistic movement of the early 20th Century. I am also strongly influenced by Cubistic art movement by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso also in early 20th century which revolutionized European painting.

When we set sail in search of our life’s work, this is what we must seek: “PASSION”. Not fame or rewards or riches, but a willingness to silently do our work, trusting the sowing-and-reaping nature of life….remembering that good things come in time if we do our work well and with utmost sincerity.  The Artist's Thoughts on Creativity, Inspiration.

My Goal: 

I am an Indian-American Contemporary artist and I feel fortunate to have the exposure to both these cultures. My goal is to create a new signature with my school of art as I feel the most memorable creations are rarely comprehended by the masses at first! However, that is considered to be great art as it exceeds our expectations and sometimes offends our sensibilities. History’s greatest artists have often been misunderstood by their contemporaries. I am sure people will love to appreciate my form of art with time and start comprehending my works. Meanwhile I will continue to paint with passion and sincerity.

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