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A Proud Day for Bengalis in Houston!!

Nestled within the bustling departure lounge of Terminal D at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, a breathtaking masterpiece by the talented Gopaal Seyn stands as a testament to cultural fusion and artistic brilliance. Commissioned by the Houston Airport Authority through a meticulous selection process involving numerous distinguished artists, Seyn's work not only signifies a monumental achievement but also marks a historic moment as possibly the first original painting by an Indian-American artist to grace an international airport in America. The artwork, a vivid portrayal of the global tapestry of music and culture, serves as a beacon of beauty and a harbinger of unity, promoting a profound message of world peace.

As travelers embark on their journeys from Houston, they are invited to immerse themselves in the rich symbolism and intricate details of Gopaal Seyn's creation. Through this monumental piece, titled yet untitled, Gopaal aspires to contribute to the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of the airport, fostering a cultural exchange that transcends boundaries. Positioned to capture the attention and captivate the hearts of millions of global travelers for years to come, this masterpiece not only adds to the aesthetic allure of Terminal D but also signifies a powerful intersection of art, diversity, and the shared aspiration for a more harmonious world. So, on your next departure from Houston, be sure to indulge your senses in the evocative beauty of Seyn's creation, an artistic marvel that resonates with the spirit of global interconnectedness.

We are honored and privileged to have the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston (IACCGH) include our latest RedBlue Arts Academy Little Kid's Art Show in their May newsletter. We extend our gratitude to Jagdip Ahluwalia for his kind words and for gracing the occasion as one of our guest of honors. We also thank the Consulate General of India, Mr. Manjunath, for his kind words and presence. Their leadership and inspiration motivate us to continue nurturing creativity in young minds.

An evening of celebration at the Redbluearts Gallery

In the vibrant tapestry of the RedBlueArts Gallery, an evening of celebration and inspiration unfurled, weaving together the rich narratives of a dedicated group of students under the nurturing guidance of their mentor, Gopaal Seyn. Amidst a symphony of colors and textures, each stroke of the brush and sculpted form became a testament to passion, perseverance, and the profound journey of artistic exploration.

As the gallery walls embraced an array of diverse artworks, they whispered stories of creativity and resilience, inviting esteemed dignitaries and members of the community to immerse themselves in the kaleidoscope of expression. Among them stood luminaries such as the Consulate General of India, DC Manjunath, and notable figures including the esteemed physician, Dr. Subodh Buchar, Executive Director of IACCGH, Mr. Jagdip Aluwalia, and the dedicated Board member and Secretary, Mr. Ashok Garg.

Under the gentle guidance of Julie Chakravarty, the evening blossomed into a symposium of voices, each one resonating with the profound impact of art on society and the pivotal role artists play as cultural ambassadors. With hearts brimming with pride, the students unveiled their visions and tales, their artworks becoming windows into their souls, reflecting dreams, struggles, and triumphs.

Yet, this gathering transcended the mere showcasing of art; it stood as a testament to the transformative power of mentorship, community support, and the boundless potential nestled within aspiring artists. It served as a beacon of inspiration, casting light upon the inherent ability of art to bridge divides, foster dialogue, and cultivate understanding.

In this sanctuary of creativity, walls echoed with applause and admiration, honoring not only the present achievements but also kindling aspirations for the future. Through shared stories and shared dreams, this art reception became a sanctuary of hope, reminding all present of the profound significance of art in shaping cultural connections and nurturing the spirit of learning and growth.

A Priceless Felicitation: My Reunion with My Alma Mater

Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of being felicitated by my alma mater, the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology. The experience was truly priceless, as it allowed me to reconnect with the faculty and students, bringing back a flood of beautiful memories from my time at the college. The event was graced by the presence of Principal Raja Sadhukan, who was gracious in bestowing this honor upon me. I had the opportunity to interact with the students and faculty, and it was a privilege to present Principal Sadhukan with one of my artworks as a token of my appreciation for the recognition. One of the highlights of the event was being invited to deliver a short speech to the students. I graciously accepted the request and used the opportunity to share snippets of my life, delivering a positive message that I hoped would inspire the students. It was a truly rewarding experience to connect with the next generation in this manner. Following the event, I was invited to have lunch with the faculty and students, and it was a nostalgic experience that I cherished deeply. The warmth and camaraderie of the gathering reminded me of the fond memories I had from my time at the institute.

This recognition from my alma mater is incredibly precious to me, and I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity and honor. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Principal Mr. Raja Sadhukan, all the faculty members, and the students for their support and for making this event possible. A special shout out to my seniors, Shabnam ShomiShomi and Rongon Neogi for their initiative and kindness in organizing the felicitation. Really enjoyed meeting another acclaimed alumni who was also felicitated with me, Dr Arijit Banerjee “the Toilet Man of Bengal”. Arijit Banerjee This day will be one that I will relish for years to come. It was a moment filled with nostalgia, gratitude, and inspiration, and I am thankful for every aspect of it. I am humbled and honored by this experience and look forward to continuing to maintain a strong bond with my alma mater.

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Art Exhibition for Kids Aged 7 - 15 Years of Age

The RedBluearts Gallery recently played host to a captivating art exhibition, a celebration of youthful creativity that showcased the exceptional talents of 23 students ranging from 7 to 15 years old. These budding artists, all under the mentorship of the esteemed Gopaal Seyn, an influential Indian American artist in Houston, transformed the gallery's walls into a vibrant tapestry of imagination and skill. The curation of this remarkable display was entrusted to a local artist whose discerning eye faced the formidable task of selecting the first, second, and third-place winners from an array of impressive pieces.

The reception, held on December 3rd, was a testament to the boundless potential harbored within the young minds of our community. As the echo of applause reverberated through the gallery, it became evident that this exhibition was not merely a showcase of art but a celebration of the artistic spirit that thrives within the hearts of these promising young talents. Anticipating more such enriching displays in the future, the RedBluearts Gallery looks forward to continuing its commitment to fostering and promoting the arts within our diverse and vibrant community.

Art exhibition at the Redbluearts Gallery, Sugarland, Texas

The RedBluearts Gallery recently held a reception for an art exhibition featuring the works of advanced students. On October 16th, a total of 13 students of Gopaal Seyn, an eminent Indian American artist in Houston, showcased their pieces on different walls, creating a unique art wall for each of them.

The event was graced by the presence of Dr. Suleman Lalani, an eminent physician and Texas State Representative for House District 76. Dr. Lalani spoke about the significance of art in our education system and commended Gopaal Seyn for his remarkable contribution to the community. He praised Seyn for his dedication over the years, which has touched the lives of numerous children.

Another notable attendee was Mr. Raja Roy, a critic and writer. Roy emphasized the importance of maintaining a childlike mindset in order to create extraordinary artwork. He credited Gopaal Seyn for his ability to bring out the inner child in every artist through his mentorship and guidance.

The parents present at the exhibition expressed their admiration for Gopaal Seyn's dedication, discipline, and perseverance. They praised his commitment to making a difference in the lives of children. The event was a resounding success, with attendees thoroughly enjoying the ambience and food provided.

Certificates of participation were awarded to all the artists, along with certificates for first, second, third, and honorable mentions. Gopaal Seyn felt immense pride as he thanked the parents for their unwavering support and contributions throughout the years. He spoke about his mission to make a difference in the lives of children and his desire to be an educator, teaching them discipline, perseverance, and how to become better individuals.

Overall, the art exhibition at the RedBluearts Gallery was a memorable and inspiring event. It showcased the talent and dedication of advanced students, while also highlighting the important role that art plays in education and personal growth.

The exhibition will continue for the next 3 weeks at the RedBluearts Gallery in Sugarland, Texas.

Book Launch at Houston Kala Bhavan, USA

Mrinal Chaudhuri Presents an Unforgettable Evening at Houston Durga Bari Society! We are thrilled to share the success of our recent event, where the air was filled with artistic brilliance and cultural magnificence. The stage was set, the atmosphere was electric, and the audience was captivated throughout the night. As Red Blue Arts, we take immense pride in showcasing the extraordinary talents of our renowned artists and creating a truly mesmerizing experience.

The highlight of the evening was the launch of our latest masterpiece, "Sabda Smriti Asa," a remarkable book written by the exceptionally talented Mrinal Chaudhuri. The book, a true testament to literary brilliance, explores the depths of human emotions and leaves a lasting impact on its readers.

The evening also witnessed a magnificent jugalbandi of dance, featuring Sadhana and Bhavana, the accomplished disciples of the legendary dancer Rathna Kumar. Their graceful movements and seamless coordination transported the audience into a world of ethereal beauty.

In addition to the captivating performances, the event showcased the extraordinary talent of Gopaal Seyn, whose artistry knows no bounds. His artwork painted a vivid tapestry of emotions, captivating the hearts and minds of all who witnessed his creations.

One of the most remarkable highlights of the event was the silent auction of a captivating painting. The proceeds from the auction were graciously donated to the charitable organization "March Together," contributing to a greater cause. We are immensely proud to announce that the painting found its new home with the true art lover Kajal Roy, who recognized its profound beauty and significance.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended and supported this extraordinary evening. Your presence and appreciation have inspired us to continue our mission of promoting and nurturing artistic talent within our community.

Stay tuned for more artistic endeavors and breathtaking experiences from Red Blue Arts. Together, let's celebrate the power of art and its ability to touch hearts and transform lives!

Redbluearts lends a hand of support to the Asian Family Support Services of Austin (AFSSA)

We are elated to announce that in our mission to build a better world, Redbluearts is supporting the Asian Family Support Services of Austin (AFSSA). AFSSA’s mission is to promote abuse-free Asian communities through advocacy, support, awareness, and access to social services. They provide free, confidential assistance to Asian and other immigrant families dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and trafficking.

Book Launch, Lifetime Felicitation Award & Silver Jubilee Celebrations by the Poet’s Foundation of India.

RedBlueArts Gallery Inaugeration in Sugarland, Texas

Durga Puja South Carolina 2020


Inviting global patrons to a virtual Jugalbandhi of visual and creative art in celebration of Durga Puja.

Proceeds of the Art auction will be donated to Ekal Vidyalaya

Jugalbandhi with Anup Jalota

Painting created during the virtual Annual Gala on Saturday, August 29th at 7 pm.

Enchanting jugalbandhi performance by Chief Guest, Padma Shri Awardee Anup Jalota & live painting by the accomplished American contemporary artist Gopaal Seyn. The Gala was streamed live on for all to view. Art work sold for $3000 with the proceeds going to India House programs and services that benefit the community.

Thank you for being a part of the change alongside of us as we continue growing and helping more people in Greater Houston communities.

Rasa Lila | Acrylic and Charcoal | Gopaal Seyn

Our art ambassador Gopaal Seyn will be doing a Jugalbandhi with Pandmashree Anup Jalota ji this Saturday evening. He will be singing from India and Gopaal Seyn will be painting in his studio. A 45min program. The painting will be then auctioned and donated for a greater cause. Three cheers for our super talented art ambassador! Thank you for being such a positive influence in the IndiArt Community!

The Gala will be streamed live on for all to view.


Howdy Modi | Mix Media On Canvas | Gopaal Seyn

Black Lives Matter

Howdy Modi | Mix Media On Canvas | Gopaal Seyn

"Where do we go from here?"
In memory of George Floyd, 2020

Howdy Modi

Houston-based International Indian Artist Gopaal Seyn presented his work to Howdy Modi Committee Chair Jugal Malani at the Partnership’s Q4 International Trade Development Committee meeting to mark the historic visit of Prime Minister Modi to Houston. Read More...

Over the years when big dignitaries have visited a foreign country, artists have created a painting of the dignitary to commemorate their visit. One’s time as leader is not everlasting. However, their imprint on the lives of others is one that forever stays ingrained in the society that they lead. Therefore, this painting will serve as a reminder of this very ideology. Wanted to create a commemorative, one of a kind, larger than life portrait to welcome Indian Prime Minister Honorable Shri Narendra Modi in HOUSTON. A picture can capture a moment, but a painting can creatively portray not only the person themselves but also the many colors of their personality. This painting will serve as a creative memorabilia for Indians across the globe.
Gopaal Seyn

Howdy Modi | Mix Media On Canvas | Gopaal Seyn

Gandhi Jayanti - Houston

Tonight, I had the honor and privilege of creating an artwork for the Indian Consulate in US to commemorate the 150 birth centennial of Mahatma Gandhi. Furthermore, I received the opportunity of a lifetime by having the Indian ambassador to the US, His Excellency Harsh Vardhan Shringla, unveil my work. It’s moments like these that fuel my aspirations to grow as an artist and expand the global reach of my art.

Contemporary Indian Art Houston | Mix Media On Canvas | Gopaal Seyn

Contemporary Indian Art Houston | Mix Media On Canvas | Gopaal Seyn
Contemporary Indian Art Houston | Mix Media On Canvas | Gopaal Seyn

Bob Mc Nair - Foundation

Renowned artist Gopaal Seyn is greatly honored to have been able to have his painting of NFL Texan's owner, Bob Mc Nair, adorn the main lobby of the Mc Nair Foundation as a permanent fixture. He had the privilege to meet his wife, Janice Mc Nair, and son, Cary Mc Nair, who really loved the artwork. Seyn hopes to continue inspiring the Houston community and being the brand ambassador for Houston. Furthermore, he aspires to spread his creativity beyond the depths of the small coterie of artists around the world, and share it with entrepreneurs in every field across the vast expanse of global industry.

Contemporary Indian Artist Houston
Contemporary Indian Artist Houston
Contemporary Indian Artist Houston

Celebrating the Life of President George H.W. Bush

Gopaal’s work is well represented in private collections all around USA and has a fan following from all over the world. He is attached to various charitable Institutions where he creates live artwork which is then auctioned to raise money for the poor, needy and the downtrodden and also for the empowerment of women in third world countries.

Contemporary Indian Artist Houston
Contemporary Indian Artist Houston

A special event on President's Day celebrating the life and work of President George H.W. Bush

Trade Mission with Mayor Sylvester Turner

Contemporary Indian Artist Houston
Contemporary Indian Artist Houston

A live painting performance by Gopaal Seyn at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai, as part of a Trade Mission led by Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston

Jugalbandi with Legendary Pandit Jasraj

Contemporary Indian Artist Houston
Contemporary Indian Artist Houston
Contemporary Indian Artist Houston

A rare shot... Preparing for my jugalbandi with Legendary Pandit Jasraj. A juxtaposition of performing art with visual art. It was a memorable moment and I will cherish it for the rest of my life.


Contemporary Indian Artist Houston
Contemporary Indian Artist Houston

Consul-general Dr. Anupam Ray unveils Gopaal Seyn’s Gandhi portrait

Contemporary Indian Artist Houston

Gopaal Seyn’s artwork leaves a lasting impression

Contemporary Indian Artist Houston


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