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Aubrey was a bright light in this world. She was an amazing daughter and friend, and a devoted, passionate art student. Above all, she was a fighter. She never gave up hope even during the most arduous of times when her body was fighting to live during her time as a double heart transplant patient. One of her greatest passions was art, and not even a pandemic or a hospital stay could keep her away from attending her beloved art classes with Mr. Neil. Art was her safe haven. It empowered her to use her creativity to bring meaning to not only her own life, but that of so many others as well. Furthermore, those art classes provided her the opportunity to find brief respite in the form of new friendships as well as engender confidence within her to face the daunting world. Sometimes those that are here for the shortest time are the ones that contribute the most. Her love, talent, and beautiful soul will never be forgotten. May she rest in peace. On behalf of the Red Blue Arts Academy, we offer our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

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