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I take this moment to bow my head in honor of them for they have brought in my life the light of knowledge and given me the tools to access my own inner wisdom. When we access that space we not only become a medium of immense creativity but also of joy and a zest for life. It is like the sun that comes up every morning and from its core gives so much love to the entire life on earth.

The most profound quality of a Guru is to connect the student to its own inner light. “Guru” is made up of syllables gu as 'darkness' and ru as 'destroyer'....the one who dispels all darkness.

Gopaal Seyn, an artist in the visual arts, taught me that my brush was my power tool and the canvas, my life. That I could paint my dreams and create the energy to manifest them. Being blessed with immense talent he not only shared techniques and ideas on the canvas but philosophies in real life. He taught me to become friends with my fears, to accept them, acknowledge them and overcome them. He said “sometimes to see white you have to paint it next to black”. With this learning I realized that challenges in life are fuel for growth and expansion. Looking at an empty canvas before starting a painting was always a daunting task. With Gopaalji next to me I learnt that the space between my brush and the canvas wasn’t fear but a space of limitless possibilities. With different colors and forms on the canvas I learnt how to accept different parts of myself and bring them together in harmony and balance. This taught me self love and compassion.

Gopaal ji has been a force of change in the lives of many people through his art and teaching and by just being. His gentle, loving and compassionate spirit has always been a pleasure to experience. I remember in classes he always said, “Move far away from the canvas to see, appreciate and change. Let the art evolve and become itself and then at some point learn to detach and let it go.” Gopaal ji will always remain a teacher who brought in immense learning and love for all colors and shades of life.

Painting made under the guidance of Gopaal Seyn

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