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Silhouettes of colored serenity at its zenith

Silhouettes of colored serenity at its zenith

A personification of a highly personalized and aesthetically stylized non-orthodox school of art that enduringly is his own.
Indra, as I call him and as I’ve told him shows an enviable pomp in what is quintessentially a modern European broad non-descript stroke brushed with the Picasso influence and effect and the more modern Zazou embellished rich oil brushes and fused with such Bengal school stalwarts as Paritosh dadu (Sen) and Ganesh Pyne that resonate with his influences. A perfect authentic brew to the senses and sensibilities - bold, color brazen and unapologetic.
There is an insatiable potential bubbling in taking this art to the world and novelty in his adapting styles while preserving the cordiality of the Bengal School.
My first brush in with his art evoked a pleasing sense of passion, aggressive brush strokes, italicized style fused with the Indian aesthetic always intact.
Much to do with this talent. The world is yours Indra.
Make it your own with the sheer originality and genuineness of your uniqueness - in your painted reflections of life, thought and self in borderless appeal.

Written By - Sujoy Mazumdar
Art Collector 

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