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Woman: are you frail or do you raise the fury of Hell.

Woman: are you frail or do you raise the fury of Hell.

Gopaal’s arty portrayal of the dichotomy in women. Maa or Shakti is the dominant figurine adeptly used as a synecdoche representing the colossal fury of scorned womanhood while she rescues the frail women from the clutches of evil mongers. Societal stigma accompanies women of being of frail moralities indicted of incestuous inconstancy and falling victim of patriarchal norms on one side. However, Gopaal (on the other side) with precise use of contours and shapes and the color red, brings forth the force and fortitude of formidable Shakti embedded in woman, who raises hell’s fury when shaken and aroused.
The inscription of Maa, the emboldened hands and the army of woman behind, successfully decorates the inner going thoughts Gopaal;s verdant mind dwindling between duality of free will and fallibility of women.
A powerful and stunningly striking sketch with all kudos to Gopaal efforts.

Written by Art critic: Raja Roy

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