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Dichotomy of Life

Dichotomy of Life

Society as we know it is formed by groups of individuals who possess diverse elements which make us unique humans. Electronic media today has drawn us close into the Global village we live in, whose benefits will only be felt when mutual goodness, acceptance, respect & understanding prevails from the micro to the macro. Tolerance, needless to say is the bedrock of civilised society which makes possible for people to coexist in peace. Unfortunately we are now living through times where the basic sense of tolerance has reached a nadir. We as individuals seem to be intolerant of everything, everyone and of every conceivable situation.

Gopaal Seyn, an Indian artist of repute, living and working in the United States, expresses his thoughts on tolerance and a desire for ONE WORLD through some of his much appreciated works. He feels that in this globalisation, where the world has become more multicultural and diverse than ever before, establishing tolerance and harmony is crucial ; fostering mutual love and affection is vital and should include race, gender, opinions, religion, colour and ideologies, along with animals, the specially abled and everything that are a part of this universe.

In these paintings, Seyn depicts the necessity of human kindness & protection towards animals, opposes all kinds of discrimination in families, be it gender, body shaming or any other divisive factors.He advocates secular acceptance of all faiths & beliefs in a drawing depicting a lady being allowed to read her holy book. A street dweller with her child in another piece cries out for respect, honour and empowerment. A black and white charcoal sketch reflects a mirror image where he wants us to introspect and ask ...are we truly tolerant? The bright and bold colours used depending heavily on the reds and oranges are typical of Seyn's colourful style.

His paintings give us a clear insight into his strong support of sensitive inclusion of everything and everyone irrespective of differences. The world is full of diversity sans which it would be boring, colourless and unidimensional. Having an opinion and expressing it is each of our Fundamental Right, and for peaceful co - existence we need that Right to be accepted totally.

Do visit his website to know more about the Man, his mind and his art. #redbluearts

Written By - Srabasti Banerjee

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