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"If you do not raise the women who are the living embodiments of the Divine Mother, don't think that you have any other way to rise" - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA

Keeping Swamiji's words in mind, Gopaal Seyn, a reputed US based Indian artist, has created some paintings celebrating the power of the Goddess as Shakti within every woman.

We are a strange society indeed!

We are a country where Devi Durga, a woman, daughter, wife, mother is worshipped as Shakti with great devotion. She returns to her father's house on earth, annually, after vanquishing the buffalo headed demon ( an embodiment of all evil) amidst huge pomp and fanfare. This same everyday Durga, a woman, daughter, sister, mother however is a victim of unimaginable cruelty, injustice, brute force, molestation, gender bias,abandonment etc on all other days of the year. Ironic indeed! The distinct polarity between the treatment accorded to women is nothing but huge levels of hypocrisy.

Seyn the artist sees Durga as an icon for empowerment of women. Through his expressive art wants to convey that all our real life Durgas, when they find their voice deliberately muffled, must awaken the boundless vigour, tenacity and dormant power, in order to become an unstoppable force. There is virtually no limit to the heights she can reach if fear is not allowed to determine her actions. Rather it must push her to confront and triumph.

Gopaal Seyn's portrayal of Durga is thus an example of a single entity embodying ferocity and compassion, creator and destroyer and every woman is SHAKTI (energy) BHAKTI (devotion) and MUKTI (liberation) and they should not rest till they are treated as such.

It's high time we affirm our commitment to eradicate any form of injustice towards women. A civilised society etched in liberal democratic values has no place for those who disrespect this embodiment of Shakti. It is the imperative need of the hour to restore the everyday Durga to the position of reverence she deserves and enjoyed in the ancient times.

To buy these poignant creations by Gopaal Seyn do contact the artist at

Written By - Srabasti Banerjee

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