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Kolkata to most of us, whether living in India or are a part of the Indian diaspora settled worldwide, is not merely a geographical place. It is indeed an emotion! Chaotic,moody,a rich colourful tapestry of culture, history, warmth,food,politics and nostalgia personified. Bengalis globally, feel a fierce attachment to this City with a soul. Gopaal Seyn,a true son of Kolkata and a much acclaimed US based artist, is no exception. He expresses his love for his 'home' city, through a series of paintings which beautifully brings alive the essence that is Kolkata. His art is so real,that all our senses come alive while appreciating the images. We can almost hear the bells of the moving tram and the rickshaw, which represent a nostalgic space of childhood memories for the artist. We seem to hear the melodious crooners matching their voices to the tinkling of glasses wafting across Trinca's, bringing alive the city's glamorous nightlife.

We feel and hear the hustle & bustle of traffic on the iconic Howrah Bridge. We can almost experience the sounds, fragrance and vibrant commotion of Kolkata's greatest unifier - The Durgotsav.

The taste buds are kindled at the sight of the Kolkata phuchkas, unparalleled in their taste and authenticity. Gopaal Seyn has created many such gems in his series on his favourite city.To own these charcoal/pastel creations do contact the artist.

Written By - Srabasti Banerjee

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