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The 17th Annual Gala, organized by India House,Houston on Saturday August 29th 2020,on Facebook Live,was a novel, virtual Jugalbandi of Padma Shri Anup Jalota's mellifluous songs and American based Indian artist Shri Gopaal Seyn's creative talent, flowing rhythmically across the canvas, to the tunes wafting across the seven seas; resulting in a gorgeous live painting. 
It was indeed an excellent portrayal of tunes emanating from Jalota's voice finding expression in Seyn's quick & confident brushstrokes on the canvas.

The thematic content of Jalota's songs was immortal love, especially the kind associated with the Raas Leela of Shri Krishna & Radha.
Gopaal Seyn's blank canvas came alive within seconds with his characteristic passion, flowing unobstructed through his bold strokes and use of warm, vibrant colours.
The Raas Leela is considered to be one of the highest and most esoteric of Lord Krishna's pastimes. In this tradition Romantic love between humans in the material world, is seen as a reflection of the soul's original love for Krishna (God) in the spiritual world.

Seyn portrays this love beautifully in his avante - garde style, aesthetically creating a painting showcasing Lord Krishna and Radha connected with the Flute of love, spirituality and compassion. The peacock on Lord Krishna symbolizes wealth, beauty and rebirth. The cow below reminds us of Lord Krishna's life as a shepherd, binding him to the rural simplicity and innocence connected to nature vis a vis the artificial complexities plaguing urban living.

Seyn exhibits a distinct ability to turn the various layers of his subjects into simple realism -- thus helping his audience bond instantly to his creative art.

One interesting point to note is that he paints Radha slightly higher which seems to  make Lord Krishna look up at her. This in keeping with the artist's underlying desire to showcase the spiritual power of women, their emancipation and breaking free of various shackles  -- best exhibited by none other than the character of Radha, many centuries ago through her life and love for her Krishna.

The evening, featuring these two immensely talented artists was live streamed across continents. It was a resounding success and a considerable amount was raised for various charitable services which India House, Houston is famous for. We await more such aesthetically uplifting events in the future.

Written By - Srabasti Banerjee

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